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APP Wholesale Ltd is committed to supporting sustainability initiatives and doing what it can to support the governments pledge to decrease emissions by 80% by 2050. Essentially, we need need to replace the high carbon fossil fuels that we currently use to heat our homes with low carbon fuels. This will require a big change to the U.K. heating industry and for consumers of heating products.

Policy Connect

APP Wholesale Ltd has joined Policy and Carbon Connect in order to understand what is the future for the gas network and boilers. Their mission is to lead the development of new policy ideas through evidence and collaboration. The Sustainability team at Policy Connect works closely with Parliamentary Groups for Climate Change and Sustainable Resources and Carbon Connect, the Sustainable Resource Forum and the Westminster Sustainable Business Forum. The work of the team is aimed towards achieving a resource efficient economy and resilient communities, supporting the delivery of zero net carbon emissions by 2050.

The future of the gas network and how we burn fuel to heat our homes is in discussion now. As a key supplier within the market, APP Wholesale Ltd has a duty to try and understand how we can all reduce our carbon footprint. We are also highly aware of our impact as a business, and want to make sure we can do our bit to help achieve this target. Any change of gas type or appliance that heats our homes is really important to us and our customers and we want to make sure that we are informed in the best ways we can be. In order to offer you unbiased information we have joined up with Policy Connect and Carbon Connect to gain evidence and collaborate with the industry to tackle this target. We will be using this data to help our staff and customers to understand the transition and ideas that are being researched and policies that are going to come in.

World Land Trust

APP Wholesale Ltd is conscious of its impact on the environment and the market that it supplies and wants to do more to make sure it is doing everything it can. With this in mind, APP Wholesale Ltd at the start of 2021 has pledged to save hundreds’ of acres of threatened habitat and wildlife using the World Land Trust to achieve this. They are an amazing conservation charity that works to save the land before it is too late and allows the local communities to benefit by keeping it unchanged and preserved for the future.

The World Land Trust (WLT) is an international conservation charity which saves, protects, and restores the world’s most biologically significant and threatened habitats. Through a network of partner organisations around the world, who engage support and commitment among their local communities, WLT funds the creation of reserves and biological corridors to provide permanent protection for wildlife. WLT has been saving land to save species for more than 30 years, and today their work to protect existing tropical forest habitat, and in doing so lock up carbon and address climate change, is more important than ever to save what remains of these vital ecosystems.

We have donated towards WLT’s Buy an Acre programme and purchased over 150 acres of land in Argentina to help save habitat for wildlife. To date, the WLT has saved over 774,000 acres of land and protected millions of animals. This is just part of a series of initiatives that APP Wholesale Ltd will be undertaking in 2021 to be a much less impactful business.

For more information visit on this fantastic charity and their work, click the button below.

Net Zero Carbon

APP Wholesale named one of the Net Zero Carbon Business Champions, as we are one of the first companies in the UK’s construction industry to declare our commitment to support CO2nstructZero. APP Wholesale was chosen the Construction Leadership Council for demonstrating our commitment towards the sector’s mission towards reducing carbon emissions in the delivery and operation of the built environment. Along with other leading companies, we have committed to share evidence of our net zero carbon plans against the nine CO2nstructZero principles, contribute to the CO2nstructZero industry reporting process and work together to support companies in the sector to developing their own plans in support of the industry change programme.

Making progress to Net Zero is important to APP as we are fundamentally aware that we are contributing to the problem and we are running out of time. We need to invest urgently to escalate, inform and speed up the change. We firmly believe that our customers will be receptive to change as we have been through numerous legislative changes on efficiency previously. The business needs to MITIGATE RISK, DRIVE GROWTH, REDUCE COST and MANAGE TRUST in order to be prepared for the future. These four pillars will be used to support our sustainability targets, to reduce our impacts on the environment and create a better blueprint for our business in the future. The negative impacts of our business need to be decoupled and a positive counteractive solution needs to be sought. This is why we have started to look at our main activities and are seeking positive counteractions. One of these solutions is BoilerBox. We are acutely aware that there will be disruptions to economic systems in the future and the business needs to be prepared and do its part to get to Net Zero.